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Switching Energy Suppliers

Switching your energy supplier is surprisingly easy and by getting the right supplier, a very efficient way to save money on your bills. Energy companies offer new customers the best deals on their gas and electricity products to attract them swap, although it seems unfair, loyal customers lose out!

Switching takes just a few minutes of your time. Simply fill in our online form which will guide you through the process requesting various contact details. From here it can take between four to six weeks for the switch to be completed but you will not need to get involved in the process with the new supplier even contacting the old to advise of the change.

Energy Supplier and Regulation in the UK

Should you not know who currently supplies your energy, for gas, call the MPRN Enquiry Line on 0870 608 1524 who will be able to advise. It can be more challenging to find your Electricity company but a recent bill or letter would almost always show their name or logo. Should you have no luck visit the Consumer Focus website: who will detail a list of companies distributing electricity to each area.

Gas Meter Point Reference Numbers and Electricity Meter Point Administration Numbers

Every property in the UK with a mains gas supply has a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) which is unique to your property and will not change. This will be between six and ten digits long and found on your gas bills. Should you not find this please contact MPRN on the number provided above.

The Electricity Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) can be found on you electricity bill and is twenty one digits in length. If you can not find this it will be a visit to the Consumer Focus website for a directory of the local electricity providers.

Special Needs

It is a requirement that all energy companies comply with a code of practice to ensure those with special needs such as the elderly or disabled are dealt with fairly and helped where required. Some energy companies also offer social energy tariffs designed to help these customers save money and it is worth checking if you are eligible for these should you require any extra help.

Consumer Focus

Customer Focus is a statutory organization whose purpose is to assist with fairer deals for consumers, similar to how Energywatch did previously. Should you feel you have been treated unfairly it is Customer Focus who should be contacted.


The UKs energy market regulator is Ofgem and they help to protect consumers by promoting competition between energy suppliers and ensuring that the vulnerable or disabled get a fair deal on their energy requirements.

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