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Just brought yourself an imported vehicle or been running a vehicle from far seas for some time, regardless the vehicle and where it was from originally having the correct insurance is a must.

Its often thought that insuring an imported car is more expensive, that is not always the case with “parallel” imports fairly easy to insure. “Grey” imports which includes the popular Japanese imported vehicles are typically harder to insure but specialist insurers do exist (and are included in our panel) who actually target drivers of these vehicles.

  • - Parallel imports are vehicles manufactured inside the EU, these tend to meet the same minimum standards as a UK vehicle would.

  • - Grey imports are vehicles built outside of the EU which do not fall to European standards. Japanese imports are the most common version of this.

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No one really wants to pay for insurance but, its a legality we all have to put up with, and with good cause! Accidents are unfortunately very common. If you happen to have been unlucky enough to have been involved in one yourself, you’d know that insurance pays. So get insured today just incase the worst happens!