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A quick guide to Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and operates in much the same way as car insurance. The premium you pay for your insurance will be decided on factors including your riding history, the type of bike you will be riding, how and when you intend to use the bike, where it is stored and where you live. The level of insurance you choose to take out will also help determine the fee you pay as well as what you will be covered for.

The basic level of insurance you can take out for your bike is third party. This will cover you for payments made to victims of accidents where you were at fault or have damaged property. However, if your bike is stolen you would receive no money at all. For this level of cover you will need to take out third party, fire and theft cover at the very least. As well as adding theft protection to your cover it will also protect your motorcycle if it is destroyed or damaged by fire. The highest level of cover - without extras - is fully comprehensive insurance. In addition to offering the previously mentioned benefits this will also cover damage to yourself and your bike in accidents that were not your fault.

How you choose to use your bike will contribute to how much you pay for your insurance and influence your decision to take out any extras such as breakdown cover. The categories you can select from are social, domestic and pleasure only, social, domestic, pleasure and commuting and finally, business.

If you are looking to keep the cost of your insurance down you may opt to have a higher excess on your premium, meaning you have to pay more of any initial claim yourself. Other ways of reducing your premium include building up a good no claims bonus that could entitle you to a discount and taking extra security steps such as fitting your bike with security markings, an alarm or immobiliser, or using locks and chains.

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Motorbike Insurance

Covering you from the unexpected.

No one really wants to part with their hard earned cash to pay for insurance but unfortunately, it's a legality we all have to put up with, and with good cause! In 2004 motorbikes were statistically 16 times more likely to have an accident than a car, and for this reason insurance is essential.


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