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If you are a first time buyer wanting help with a first time buyer mortgage it may be that you will want to team up with a co-buyer in order to be able to afford your first home. Having someone else help pay mortgage payments can make all the difference between getting onto the first rung of the property ladder and not. Not only will they help paying mortgage payments but also bills and property purchasing and maintenance costs. That co-buyer or joint owner might be a friend, sibling, parent or even a stranger you have join forces with specifically to buy a first home. Having a joint owner can really help with a mortgage.

Help with mortgages may not come free and your advisor, broker, IFA or lender may charge an up-front fee or he should declare if he is earning commission from arranging particular mortgages. Whoever offers you help with your mortgages will be keen that you are not over-borrowing as they want to be assured as possible that you will be able to make loan repayments. If you are looking for help with mortgages and you are a first time buyer, our best first time buyers mortgages comparison table will be of great interest as it lays out all the options along with mortgage features, pros and cons and who markets them.

If at any time when you have your mortgage and you need help with mortgage payments it is always advisable to speak with your lender or broker. Mortgage help is also something your parents might offer - either with a guarantor mortgage or helping with mortgage payments. Many people apply for mortgage loan help and a solution can nearly always be found with the lender.

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