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Pet Insurance FAQ

A team of insurance experts are here to answer all your pet insurance queries

Pet Insurance FAQ

Q: Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?

A: Most people take out Pet Insurance because bills for serious vet treatment can be very expensive; often prohibitively so leading to animals being 'put down' in many cases. Pet insurance ensures you will never have either the financial or emotional heartache of this situation. By insuring your pet you can have peace of mind for any illness or injury your pet may sustain. Pet insurance also offers peace of mind for damage or injury your pet might cause a third party. Pet insurance also gives peace of mind knowing that your pet will always be able to receive the best medical treatment available.

Q: What Is My Pet Insurance Likely To Be Used For?

A: Over 50 per cent of visits to vets are unplanned and are due to either accident or illness. In fact, one out of every three pets requires veterinary treatment each year following injury or illness. Costs are high once x-rays and long-term treatments are involved involving repeat visits. Costs can quite quickly run into the £1,000's for leg breakages, hip treatment etc. Injuries to your pet can also lead to holiday cancellations, courts costs (You are liable for your dog if it causes a road accident, for example, or bites someone). Advertising and reward costs if your pet is lost or stolen can be an added bonus of some policies.

Q: Are Other Animals Covered By Pet Insurance?

A: Most Pet Health Insurance companies as a rule only cover cats and dogs. However, there are a few companies that also cover other animals such as birds, particularly exotic varieties; and reptiles and rodents. Specialist insurance is widely available for horses and is known as Equine insurance.

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